Health Passport

Create a digital record to see if a person has a valid test for COVID-19

Much like a National Passport, our Digital Health Passport allows employers to see if a person has an up-to-date test result for COVID-19. We believe that being able to offer the test itself, and a record of when the person was last tested, lays the foundations for a successful COVID-19 screening program.


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Health Passport

How it Works

Subject creates profile

Profile linked to digital record

Event scanner checks health status

Site access granted or denied

One-time profile creation

Once a subject has created their profile, they’ll be given a QR code that they can use for the duration of the project. Like a boarding pass, the QR can be stored on a person’s phone or printed off if needed.

Programmable criteria

Depending on your operating environment and testing frequency, you can adjust how long a COVID-19 test is valid for. For example, if you’re testing twice a week, you might set the window to 5 days before a test becomes invalid.

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Health survey

Another key feature is to help understand if a person may have symptoms or have been around people who might have COVID-19. With that in mind, clients can add qualitative fields to add an additional level of rigour to the person’s COVID-19 status.

"The combination of frequent testing and our digital health passport has allowed the Premier League to resume play under control conditions. If you’re a player, coach, journalist or club owner, you still need to have a valid COVID-19 test to enter the stadium."

Avi Lasarow, CEO Prenetics International

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If you’re an employer looking for a workplace solution, either sports, outdoors, retail or industrial, we can help.

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