Collection stations

Deploy a semi-permanent solution at your workplace

As testing becomes ‘business as usual’ for many organisations, we can deliver a solution close to your offices or training facilities. This setup will allow for frequent testing of your staff and employees.

Key facts

Ensures social distancing

Simple to construct

Easy to clean and sanitise


Andrew Steele

Project Delivery Lead

Drive-through model

Our stations typically follow a three-point workflow, where a person’s ID is checked and confirmed before any swabbing takes place. The only person to get near the subject is a medically trained professional. Most subjects drive and stay within their vehicles, but it’s possible to walk through as well.


A clean station is required for a successful testing strategy. Our frameworks include medical waste disposal and hot running water. Both are legally required for operation.

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Simple construction

Our stations can be constructed in a matter of hours, near your operation, but far enough away to minimise the risk of transmission. The collection itself benefits from being simple as it facilitates cleaning and sanitation.

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If you’re an employer looking for a workplace solution, either sports, outdoors, retail or industrial, we can help.

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