March 8, 2021, 00:00HRS, BST, UK

Prenetics and Iwg Plc Partner to Roll Out COVID-19 Testing Network

March 8, 2021, 00:00HRS, BST, UK

Prenetics and Iwg Plc Partner to Roll Out COVID-19 Testing Network

Prenetics and IWG plc partner to roll out widespread Covid-19 testing sites across its UK network

March 8, 2021, London – Prenetics is pleased to announce the rollout of Covid-19 testing ‘pods' of which 10 are to be implemented this week, with up to 100 pods due to be installed on premises owned by IWG plc (‘IWG’) across IWG’s network of flexible workspaces. The installations will be across the UK, the first being in Reading, Dartford, and various other national locations.

The pods will be available for the public and office users alike to book a government approved Covid-19 test at a time and location convenient to them, offering a variety of test types – from lateral flow tests being rolled out by the government, to laboratory PCR tests with quick turnaround for travellers. This includes tests valid for Fit-to-Fly and for the UK Government’s ‘Test to Release’ scheme.

Users will take advantage of a full end-to-end digital journey when testing; with the ability to find their local pod, book online and receive their results all from their mobile phone. This also includes full automated reporting to PHE and Track and Trace, and will integrate seamlessly with the Prenetics Health Passport for access to future sporting and entertainment events. While Prenetics already serves many major corporates in the UK directly, and provides Covid-19 testing solutions to large clients such as The Premier League, this new partnership with IWG will enable it to support the crucial return of employees back to the workplace. Many SMEs do not have the resources individually to support such a programme to include Health & Safety requirements, and training for employees to become clinical experts on swabbing correctly. The Prenetics Covid Test Pod installations will resolve this issue at a stroke, with trained staff on hand to help and guide every step of the way.

IWG is the largest workspace provider in the UK and the world, with 3,300+ locations in 1,100+ towns and cities across 120+ countries. With a 30-year track record of delivering the best real estate solutions for businesses, the group provides space for many major corporates and service firms, but also to smaller enterprises which may not otherwise have access to on-site testing systems of this kind, given their scale.

Avi Lasarow, Chief Executive of Prenetics UK, said: “We are delighted to be deploying our proven systems developed for international travel, businesses, and for our elite sporting bodies with IWG, starting with its largest brand Regus. This initiative coincides well with the UK government’s offer to provide free onsite testing services for individuals at work. We will be happy to partner with these initiatives through our tried and tested expertise and services, with the consequent uplift in efficacy rates we would expect from the 70s – as experienced in the Liverpool universal testing initiative to the high 90s.”

Simon Loh, UK Chief Operating Officer of IWG PLC, said: “Prenetics is well recognised as one of the leaders in Covid-19 testing, is pioneering health passport deployment which may in time accommodate vaccination data, as well as offering some of the highest efficacy LAMP-based swab tests. We look forward to supporting our customers and people through simple, cheap, on-site testing, which we expect will be rolled out over the months ahead, using the well understood lateral flow systems.”

About Prenetics

Prenetics is a leading diagnostics and genetic testing company. Prenetics operates a number of health technology services, including as a leading provider of Covid-19 testing, alongside its direct to consumer brands, CIrcleDNA is Asia and DNAfit in Europe. The company has a team of over 300 people and is spread across ten offices in Asia, Europe and South Africa.

About IWG plc

IWG is leading the workspace revolution. Our companies help more than 2.5 million people and their businesses to work more productively. We do so by providing a choice of professional, inspiring and collaborative workspaces, communities and services.

Digitalization and new technologies are transforming the world of work. People want the personal productivity benefits of living and working how and where they want. Businesses want the financial and strategic benefits. Our customers are start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large multinationals. With unique business goals, people and aspirations. They want workspaces and communities to match their needs. They want choice.

Through our companies we provide that choice, and serve the whole world of work: Regus, Spaces, No18, Basepoint, Open Office and Signature. We create personal, financial and strategic value for businesses of every size. From some of the most exciting companies and well-known organizations on the planet, to individuals and the next generation of industry leaders. All of them harness the power of flexible working to increase their productivity, efficiency, agility and market proximity.

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