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Project Screen by Prenetics


What is Project Screen by Prenetics?

Project Screen uses technology recommended by the World Health Organisation and Public Health England to conduct COVID-19 RT-PCR tests.


How has Project Screen by Prenetics worked in Hong Kong and what evidence do you have of success?

The project works as a non-profit with transparent pricing and subsidies from large corporates for healthcare frontline workers. Success is based on the growth of the programme.


How does Project Screen by Prenetics help?

Our provision of testing services is delivered through private laboratories without placing any strain on governmental or front line testing capacity allowing a greater understanding of the spread of COVID-19.


Who is delivering Project Screen by Prenetics?

Project Screen by Prenetics is a consortium of leading partners with excellence in laboratory and testing services, sample collection operations, and digital result delivery platforms all underpinned by world-class clinical governance and oversight.

Management, governance and academic integrity


Who are Prenetics?

Prenetics is a global market leader in digital health and genetic testing headquartered in HK and UK with offices in 10 locations across the globe. It has directed its expertise to focus on supporting initiatives relating to its Covid19 response.


What is the ownership of Prenetics, and its ultimate holding companies?

Prenetics is a private company registered in Hong Kong, with shareholders which include Alibaba, PingAn and others.


What insurance do you have for service delivery, medical liability, P&I etc?

Prenetics and our group, and all suppliers, are fully insured for liabilities arising in the event of any issues.

COVID-19 testing and sample analysis


What type of testing does Project Screen by Prenetics use?

Project Screen by Prenetics uses RT-PCR tests to detect viral RNA of the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus.


What medical experience and endorsements do you have for the testing you are undertaking?

All of the healthcare scientists involved in the laboratory testing are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and are members of the Institute of Biomedical Science.


How are samples taken?

Samples are taken by healthcare professionals using a throat and nose swab and are delivered for analysis to the laboratory by fast track courier.


What protection will be in place for your staff?

Our staff are using full PPE and work within Health and Safety Executive protocols and standards. Sample collecting sites will be sanitised after each collection day.


Where does sample analysis take place?

All samples are sent to our UK-based laboratory for analysis. Our laboratory partners are UKAS accredited or UKAS applicants and DHSC validated, and use RT-PCR assays that have the highest levels of accuracy based on the QCED UK EQAP program.


How quickly will you deliver the tests?

Test results will be delivered within 48 hours.


How secure is Project Screen by Prenetics data?

We adhere to the leading international security standard, ISO-27001, with connections encrypted using SSL and are GDPR compliant.

Accuracy of tests


What is the accuracy of the tests?

The testing conducted by Prenetics and its Laboratory partner TDL use a laboratory based RT-PCR assay that has now achieved 100% sensitivity based on the QCED UK EQAP program.


What is the QCED UK EQAP Program?

This is an external quality assessment programme. More information can be found here:


Can false negatives happen with the RT-PCR test?

Yes, false negatives can happen for two possible reasons which are not related to the RT-PCT technology which is known as the gold standard.

1) Error in swab collection process via human error.

This is why we use fully trained healthcare professionals whom are further educated on COVID-19 swab collections.

2) Viral load might be low on the 1st day of infection or at the end of the infection period.

This is why we recommend regular testing as part of the Project Screen by Prenetics methodology.

Partnerships and clients (including Premier League)


What do you say to critics who say you are prioritising the elites of sport at the expense of the NHS and other essential services who have a desperate need for testing kits inter alia?

The UK Government has fully endorsed the re-opening of the Premier League Season. TDL will prioritise NHS testing requirements in the event of any resourcing issues.

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