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Prenetics is a global digital health company, focused on providing preventative health solutions.

Life Before COVID at Prenetics

At Prenetics, we believe in providing people with the information they need to make personalised health and wellness decisions, in order to live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

A Healthier Outlook for Everyone

Pre-Covid our focus was providing health solutions via at-home DNA and blood testing. Our mission has always been to make complex science accessible via a range of innovative self-collection test kits. It’s what we do and have done for the last eight years. We began with testing individual DNA variants, we advanced into Whole Exome Sequencing, and developed a painless needle-free blood test for common health and wellness markers.

Tackling COVID From All Angles

In 2020, we adapted and evolved into COVID-19 testing, taking advantage of our laboratory network, scientific expertise, and digital systems to deliver world-leading COVID-19 testing solutions. The process of DNA testing and COVID-19 testing are similar in that they require a sample collection, lab processing and the secure delivery of results. With all these ingredients in place, we were able to launch Project Screen by Prenetics to meet the global demand for COVID-19 testing.

Our vision

We see a world in the near future where we can all go back to pursuing the things we love doing. Holiday makers will begin travelling again, employees will go back to offices, families will reunite, and life will return to some kind of normality. This will be enabled by frequent COVID-19 testing to offer reassurance to those around us all that we are healthy and virus-free. We are thrilled to be playing our part in helping people in the UK stay safe and informed about their health. Together, we can get back to work, travel and play!

Our Partners

Our Three Guiding Principles

Distributed testing for sports teams and employers

We're here to help Britain get back to work with a sense of normality. For now, that means making COVID-19 testing part of our routine so that employers and employees have the confidence to resume their services. Televised sport plays a big role in this, giving us something to rally behind as a nation.

Technology platform to manage population testing

Receiving a test is the beginning of the COVID-19 management. The next steps require the secure delivery of the results and the ability for employers to monitor the status of an individual. Project Screen by Prenetics has huge experience in this area from our DNA testing brands and has also created the innovative health passport system to ensure that a person’s COVID-19 status is current.

High capacity COVID-19 testing infrastructure

Project Screen by Prenetics supports both Antigen and Antibody testing, processing over 10,000 tests a week. We’re actively looking for ways to streamline our processes and scale up to meet the demand of the United Kingdom. We continue to work closely with The Doctors Laboratory, The University of Birmingham and Anglia DNA to ensure scale does not come at the cost of rigour.

Quality standard

Our RT-PCR tests are quality standard, CE marked collection devices.

UK-based Laboratories

Samples are processed in laboratories that are applicant or accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service.

Reliable & convenient testing experience

We use well-established and effective collection methods that are simple to conduct at mobile testing locations across the country.

State-of-the-art security protocols

We are GDPR compliant and adhere to the leading international security standard, ISO 27001, with connections encrypted using SSL.

Company Address: Prenetics EMEA Ltd, Unit 2, Orpington Business Park, Faraday Way, Orpington, Kent BR5 3AA, United Kingdom

Company Registration Number: 08834823

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