Country of Hong Kong

Testing 200,000 staff in 16,000 restaurants

The Hong Kong Government and the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department selected Prenetics to provide COVID-19 tests for the Food and Beverage sector in Hong Kong. This enormous project was awarded to Prenetics as the only Hong Kong-based company with the capacity to take on such a challenge.

Key stats

200,000 total staff

16,000 restaurants

Up to 22,000 tests a day


Danny Yeung

CEO Prenetics

Project objectives

In July 2020, the third wave of COVID-19 was hitting Hong Kong. As a means to control the outbreak and preserve the economy, Prenetics won the tender to test all restaurants, a significant employer within the city.

The process

Restoring confidence to both restaurant owners and staff was essential to maintain a sense of business as usual. Project Screen by Prenetics deployed vehicles into the local neighbourhoods to conduct the RT-PCR test. A dedicated group of teams are deployed each day.

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Key innovations

The key innovation was the additional capacity needed in the Prenetics lab. A normal day would see around 5,000 tests. However, during this time of extreme testing, capacity is approaching 22,000 tests per day, supported by the hiring of 30 extra employees.

Antigen RT-PCT test

Mobile testing team

22,000 tests per day


People living in Hong Kong can see whether a restaurant has been visited by the #COVIDFIGHTERS team—they just need to look out for the sticker in the restaurant window. The good news is that amongst this community, infection rates appear to be less than 1%.

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"The key is to make testing easy and very accessible and for restaurant staff to understand the importance of testing. The more people that participate, the safer we will feel."

Danny Yeung, CEO Prenetics

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