Home test kit delivery and sample returns by post are subject to Royal Mail operating days and times. It’s completely understandable to want test results as quickly as possible. And we are often reminded to keep in mind typical timelines for postal deliveries and returns, especially during weekends and public holidays.

The best way to get fast deliveries and returns is to:

  1. Order early – purchase your home test kit 3 business days before you intend to take your sample.
  2. Avoid Sundays and public holidays if possible – for kit deliveries, place your order early. For sample returns, note the collection times at your priority postbox and then count the business days to your expected sample return date. Alternatively, you can check our Pod locations to drop off samples, which are couriered to our lab at the end of each day (currently operating Mon-Fri).

What if I order a home test kit between Thursday 29th April and Saturday 1st May, but my day 2 is Sunday 2nd May or Monday 3rd May?

All home test kits must be ordered 3 working days before you intend to take your sample. To receive your home test kit before the public holiday on Monday 3rd May, you must have ordered your home test kit by Tuesday 27th April. 

Royal Mail is delivering on Friday 30th, so your test kit may get to you in time. Please refer to Royal Mail’s website for their latest updates regarding delivery delays. We do not accept any liability for delayed results due to late samples.

What if my day 2, day 5 or day 8 sample return is delayed due to Royal Mail not collecting from priority post boxes on Sunday 2nd May and Monday 3rd May?

When it comes to adhering to government travel policy, an important rule is to carry out your sample on the correct day of your quarantine. So, whilst it may be frustrating that a day 2 sample stays in the post until over the public holiday period, you have still followed the rule by taking your sample on day 2. 

If you are returning a day 5 (test to release) sample just before the public holiday weekend in hope that your sample will reach the lab before Monday, you might want to reconsider using Royal Mail. 

Alternatively, you can drop off your sample at our pod locations in Reading and Dartford before 4pm to benefit from the daily private courier. Or, private couriers are available at your own cost here.