Last year, Prenetics Ltd officially launched a state-of-the-art testing laboratory in Greenwich, London. The laboratory has the capacity to analyse thousands of results in an average turnaround of approximately 12 hours daily. This means, within 24 hours of receiving swabs at our laboratory, samples are analysed, and results are delivered securely online. The lab analyses both direct rapid PCR and RNA extracted PCR tests as well, making for an incredible additional capacity to meet the demands for the UK’s PCR testing requirements. 

From a quality perspective, the Greenwich facility is also GDPR compliant and adheres to the leading international security standard, ISO 27001, with connections encrypted using SSL. Our labs adhere to the highest standards of information security to ensure that customers’ data is protected when they test with us. 

This Greenwich lab serves as a part of Prenetics’ contribution to the fight against COVID-19 in the UK – by increasing testing capacity in London, we can ensure that we can provide a trusted testing service for Brits and international travellers. Investing in our own laboratory was also a crucial part of our mission as a business, which is to safely get Britain back to Work, Play and Travel. We have now not only expanded our capacity but can ensure that our clients continue to receive reliable and quality testing at their convenience. Our lab uses the latest technology to not only process the results, but to ascertain that those who test with Project Screen by Prenetics get their results in the time they need them. We utilise well-established and effective collection methods that are simple to conduct at mobile testing locations across the country before they are sent to the Greenwich lab or any of our other testing locations with our partner laboratories across the UK. 

We are continuously working hard as an organisation to ensure that we put in the work to upgrade our compliance and advance our technology so we can continue to be a trusted testing provider. Hence, Prenetics EMEA Ltd is now officially UKAS accredited to ISO 15189 (Medical Laboratories) and ISO 22870 (Point of Care Testing) under the unique reference number 22222. This means that the Prenetics laboratory and our laboratory partners are UKAS accredited or UKAS applicants, and use DHSC validated RT-PCR assays with the required accuracy that are quality assured internally and externally by independent assessment.

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is the national accreditation body recognised by the UK Government to assess the competence of organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services. 

As a company that also specialises in personalised preventative health solutions via DNA and blood tests, the lab will generally be expanded and used to develop and innovate in that space going into the future.