If you’re like me, you have a lovely pack of NHS lateral flow antigen tests sitting beside your work-from-home desk, waiting to be used for pertinent social or professional occasions.

You might also be thinking, “Can I use these for international travel?”

I’m afraid the answer is, “No.”

The good news is that you can use a lateral flow test before returning to the UK as part of your international travels. The even better news is that you can get one through Project Screen by Prenetics. You’ll need to take this test three days before you fly back to the UK. The government has handy guidelines on how and when to do this, especially if you’re travelling through multiple countries.

The Difference Between Home Lateral Flow Testing and International Lateral Flow Testing

Lateral flow or lateral flow antigen testing is great because you can self-test and get a result in about 10 mins. The result will be visible on a small plastic device known as the lateral flow cassette.

Where things get trickier is validating a lateral flow result before a plane ride. Airports don’t want you walking about with your test cassette and showing it to border control officers! And what’s to say that it’s not one that you did ages ago!? Unlikely, we know, but nevertheless, a better system had to be created for international travel.

Prenetics Lateral Flow Antigen Testing

Before you travel, you’ll need to have purchased a lateral flow test from us. If you’re flying long haul, you could buy one of our Virgin Atlantic tests here.

Virgin Atlantic Flies to Several Amber Countries

Our lateral flow tests are linked to the Project Screen app. Once you’ve taken your test, you’ll be asked to take a photo of it and supply the unique number that identifies the test as yours. The app will verify the test and supply the digital documentation that you need to board your flight.

COVID-19 Lateral Flow Test

How to buy lateral flow tests for travel

Right now you can buy lateral flow tests through our partnership with Virgin Atlantic. You can buy a complete bundle that will cover your trip from door to door, including Fit to Fly and Test to Release!

Happy travelling!