If you have bought an at-home PCR COVID-19 test from Project Screen by Prenetics, this video will help you take the test in the right way. Please ensure you have access to the internet when you take your test.

How to take the test

Some home PCR tests may differ from others, so be sure to follow these instructions to activate your kit correctly and swab effectively.

What you’ll need:

  • The contents of your kit
  • A phone, tablet or computer with internet


  • Please do not eat, drink, or smoke for 30 minutes prior to the test
  • The whole process should only take a few minutes

Activating your kit

  • You should only activate your kit at the time of taking your PCR test 
  • Do not activate your kit ahead of time, as your sample collection time may not fit within the specific timeframe required for a valid test result, e.g. 72 hours before travelling
  • If you are travelling, refer to your travel details or government guidelines for when you should do your test 

Preparing to take your sample

Set yourself down on a clean table and unpack the kit. You’ll find:

  • A small box
  • A request form
  • A medical bag
  • An absorbant pad
  • A swab collection tube
  • A swab.

Zap the QR code on the form with your phone camera or head to web.projectscreen.co.uk to activate your kit. Log on with the same details you used when you purchased the kit or create your profile if you don’t have one already. 

Zap the QR Code for your at home PCR test

In the website navigation, please choose activate. Choose PCR and activate by typing in the barcode from the request form:

Activate by typing in barcode found on your PCR test kit

Now complete the rest of the details:

  • State the purpose of the test, fit to fly, or a returning travel option
  • Complete the request form with your full name and the date you are collecting the sample
  • Tick the appropriate box to identify the test type on the request form
  • Confirm that request form and the details on the app match and select submit to activate your kit

Now it’s time to swab!

Taking your sample

Wash your hands like a pro. That’s 20 seconds, all around and all over.

Head to your nearest mirror with your swab and collection tube.

Loosen the top of the tube.

Swab your mouth, making contact with the five areas shown in the back of your throat. This includes your left posterior wall, left tonsil, uvula, right tonsil and right posterior wall. 

Now, head to one nostril with the same swab and insert vertically until you meet a light pressure.

Swab all around for 5 seconds and hold for 5 further seconds.

Repeat on the other nostril.

Put the swab in the tube, snap it off at the break point, and seal tightly. Ensure the tube contains fluid and that the solution stays in the tube once you seal it. 

Head back to your table.

Put the tube in the swab bag with the absorbent pad and seal.

Put the sealed bag into the test kit box with the request form.

Close the box and pack into the return mailer bag.

Returning your sample

Head to the Royal Mail website and find your nearest priority postbox. Return your test on the day you take it, before the last collection.

Alternatively, you could drop your completed sample at one of our local test pods or arrange a private courier. You can find more information about our sample return options here: projectscreen.co.uk/delivery_returns/

You will receive an email notification when your sample has arrived at our laboratory for analysis. Once the sample has been processed, you will receive an email with your results.

From the email you will be linked to the Project Screen website when you can view your result.

If your result is negative, you can continue life as normal.

If your result is positive, follow the Government’s guidelines.

That’s a wrap. Good luck and stay safe with Project Screen by Prenetics.